About Justin the Fabricator

My name is Justin, or better yet, I'm The Fabricator. Fifteen years of my life have been dedicated to engineering and creation of custom pieces primarily for race cars and custom vehicles. Throughout all those years, people always seemed to pick my brain for "other pieces" not necessarily related to the automotive aftermarket.

It wasn't until about 2010 when the requests for other parts outweighed the requests for custom car parts, and I welcomed them all. I knew that being a fabricator meant being able to make virtually anything. I knew that becoming a master of my trade meant taking on anything thrown at me, and making it better than what could be bought anywhere else. I knew that with proper engineering principals and a well developed skill set, I could do anything. 

Fabricating parts for custom cars has remained my passion, but this website has been created to showcase it all. Everything from the simple to the very complicated, the DIY to the pro jobs, will be brought to you via this page or my YouTube channel - "The Fabricator". I am always looking for new pieces to create and showcase, and both suggestions and commissions are accepted. 

Thank you all for your likes and support!


the Fabricator