Complete HANDS ON Fabrication Classes are Now Available Exclusively from

The Fabrication Series!

You've likely seen Justin "the Fabricator" on YouTube breaking down all the dirty details of the fabrication industry. Maybe you thought to yourself how cool it would be to get a hand son lesson from the man himself. Well, now you can. Justin has opened up the shop to include monthly hands on fabrication classes that anyone can book a seat in.

Fabrication and Welding Classes from The Fabrication Series

"This is exactly what I wanted to learn! You can't get this anywhere else"

~Attendee's of  The Fabrication Series Classes

That's right! You can now learn fabrication in a completely hands on and immersed environment at The Fabrication Series shop in Las Vegas. Justin has spent countless months arranging classes that are both clear and concise, like the YouTube Series, and for any level of Fabricator to experience. 

Whether you are a season pro in the fabrication industry, or a newcomer that has never touched a tool, The Fabrication Series has a class just for you, and most of them combine both the pros and beginners in the same class. This type of setting brings an even better learning environment as different levels of experience between others is often shared. This is one of the best hands on environments to learn in.


Private Welding Lessons

We now offer private TIG welding lessons available anytime during our normal business hours! Simply select the metal and time you want to learn on!

All you have to do is show up - we'll take care of the rest!

Basic TIG Welding Class

A 3 Hour Class Covers:

- Advanced machine setup
- Torch control techniques
- Filler rod feeding
- Propping and positioning
- Advanced Machine Controls (pulse, background amperage, AC balance)
- Welding of BOTH steel and aluminum (lots of welding)

Please check each listing for class specifics.

Learn to TIG Weld from The Fabrication Series

Aluminum TIG Welding Class

A 3 Hour Class Includes:

- Advanced machine setup (AC current)
- Advanced overview of AC functions (AC Balance, waves, frequency)
- Understanding of different wave forms (sine, square, soft square, triangle)
- Quick overview of aluminum
- Aluminum welding techniques
- Welding of aluminum (lots of it)

Please check each listing for class specifics.

Learn How To TIG Weld Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel TIG Welding Class

A 3 Hour Class Covers:

- Quick machine setup for Stainless Steel
- Pulse setup and techniques
- Purge setup and techniques
- Filler rod selection
- Tube welding
- Welding of stainless steel (lots of it)

Please check each listing for class specifics.

Tube TIG

Welding Class


A 3 Hour Class Covers



- Machine setup
- Planning your weld
- Torch control techniques
- Filler rod feeding
- Propping and positioning
- Out of position welding
- Uni-directional welding
- Out of position welding
- Weld practice tubes
- Weld on Roll Cage Simulator

Please check each class listing for class specifics.

Weekend Full Length Classes this Month

Our best value can be found in a full length class which is held on weekends of the current month. 

Basic TIG Welding Class Saturday, July 8, 2017
from 400.00

Want to sit down on a TIG welding machine and learn how to weld steel and aluminum? Now is your chance!

ALUMINUM ONLY TIG Welding Class Sunday, July 9, 2017
from 400.00

Need a bunch of torch time on Aluminum? We got you covered!

Open Weld Shop Class - Choose Your Welder! Saturday, July 15, 2017
from 60.00

Want to run a TIG for an hour with unlimited steel or aluminum to burn? Cool! Just pick a machine and a time to come in and do it!

How to Build a Full NHRA 10 Point Roll Cage

Want to learn how to build an entire NHRA 10 Point Roll Cage completely hands on? We have just the class for you! 

Open Fab Shop Class - Choose Your Lesson! Saturday, July 15, 2017
from 50.00

Choose your fabrication lesson when it's convenient for you on Open Shop Day! 

Private Fabrication Lessons

Would you like to learn a specific project one on one? How about in a small group of friends or coworkers?

We can create a class just for you!

Maybe you want to learn how to build a tube bumper for your off-road build, or even a turbo manifold for your race car but there isn't a specific class for either. We can absolutely set up a class for you or a small group to learn how to build or fabricate virtually anything within our capabilities (which is a lot)

Employee Training

Need to get a new hire up to speed with your production? Are you looking to provide training for your employees before you expand your product line?

We can help get them trained! 

On the Job Training can be very expensive since productivity is low when you are forced to take time away from production to provide training. We know and understand this extremely well. We have had numerous requests from other shops and businesses to provide employees with training related to the work being done at their shop. We can create a custom training program based around your production capabilities, or offer seating in one of our regular classes.

Whether it be for a simple course on tube bending, or an advanced course on CAD/CAM drafting, we can get your employee trained and ready for work which results in more productivity and less down time and money spent training a new hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much experience do I need in order to attend a class?

A: NONE unless otherwise specified. We like to combine experience in all of our classes. You could literally have no experience at all and we will make sure you will learn and know how to do the job presented in the class.

Q: Is the class just a basic watered down lesson?

A: Absolutely not! Our class openings are relatively small which means we are able to work one on one with each attendee to ensure they understand the complete lesson which covers basics to advanced practices. 

Q: What classes are not for beginners?

A: We offer advanced classes which are focused on techniques or specific parts or materials. An example would be a TIG Welding Titanium class. If you are not familiar with TIG welding at all, you would not benefit from learning to weld titanium as your first experience since the class will based on the attendee already knowing how to TIG weld. 

Q: How likely am I to get injured by attending?

A: Safety is our very first priority. Every attendee is required to be present for our safety briefing which is presented at the beginning of every class. Attendees are also required to wear proper protection equipment in order to attend. Our goal is to avoid potential safety hazards at all times which is why each class is very well planned from beginning to end before we even offer the class. This routine keeps everyone safe.

Q: Can you host a class in my State or Country?

A: Yes. We do have hosting requirements in order to travel for a class anywhere in the world. Please contact us for more details. 

Q: What happens if I book a class and miss it?

A: You may reschedule for the same class on a different date. 

Q: What kind of safety gear do you offer for each class? Is it rated for the required level of protection?

A: Required safety gear (PPE) can be purchased for each class on the class listing. We do not provide cheap "no name" questionable PPE and mark it up to make money on. We offer ANSI and EN rated protective equipment for our classes. We also prefer to offer the name brands in most cases since they are tried, tested and proven.  

Q: Can I have a discount?

A: There are a few ways to receive a discount: 1) Return for a class to receive a 10% off code. 2) If you are active duty, retired, or a veteran, we will show our appreciation with 10% discount (valid proof is required). 3) Book every class available for the month for a very large discount.

Q: Are private individual or group lessons available?

A: YES! We can create or provide a lesson on virtually any industry topic or practice that we have experience with. You can take a one-on-one class with one of our instructors or get a group of enthusiasts together (such as friends or colleagues) for a class. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Q: Do you ever have guest speakers or instructors? How can I become one?

A: If you are interested in being a guest speaker or instructor for a class, please contact us. We do plan to have guests for specific classes in the future.