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Many people don't know, but dramatic discounts are given to those who volunteer their vehicles to appear on The Fabricator Series. Those discounts are only offered because viewers contribute by donating any extra funds for the projects The Fabricator teaches. Your donation is EXTREMELY helpful to keeping The Fabricator Series running with new great projects and custom builds for you to learn for years to come. All of the background operations, materials cost, outsourcing expenses and additional labor time are paid for using donations from viewers like you. 

You can also use our Channel donation page on Either method will gain you access to SnapChat and the Sneak Peeek list. 

To show our appreciation for your donation to The Fabricator Series, we will add you to our exclusive SnapChat friends list which will allow you to get the latest updates and special details on upcoming projects as well as the latest updates. Donations also add you to the Sneak Peek list where you will be given links to the latest episodes BEFORE they go live on YouTube. See everything before anyone else! In addition, the large donations often get a shout out on The Fabricator Series YouTube episodes to show even more appreciation for your generosity. Even the smallest donations go a long way. 

As always, thank you for being a part of The Fabricator Series!

Not all donations are financial. The Fabricator Series is always accepting materials and sponsors for the series. Some vendors and individuals offer building materials, fabrication and welding consumables, and even extra time to ensure an episode gets created. Every donation is compensated for by advertising the vendor, individual, or company on each episode the donation is used on (when applicable). The Fabricator gladly recognizes the people and companies who help create each episode by donating what they can. 

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