Welding & Fabrication Classes FAQ

Q: How much experience do I need in order to attend a class?

A: NONE unless otherwise specified. We like to combine experience in all of our classes. You could literally have no experience at all and we will make sure you will learn and know how to do the job presented in the class.

Q: Is the class just a basic watered down lesson?

A: Absolutely not! Our class openings are relatively small which means we are able to work one on one with each attendee to ensure they understand the complete lesson which covers basics to advanced practices. 

Q: What classes are not for beginners?

A: We offer advanced classes which are focused on techniques or specific parts or materials. An example would be a TIG Welding Titanium class. If you are not familiar with TIG welding at all, you would not benefit from learning to weld titanium as your first experience since the class will based on the attendee already knowing how to TIG weld. 

Q: How likely am I to get injured by attending?

A: Safety is our very first priority. Every attendee is required to be present for our safety briefing which is presented at the beginning of every class. Attendees are also required to wear proper protection equipment in order to attend. Our goal is to avoid potential safety hazards at all times which is why each class is very well planned from beginning to end before we even offer the class. This routine keeps everyone safe.

Q: Can you host a class in my State or Country?

A: Yes. We do have hosting requirements in order to travel for a class anywhere in the world. Please contact us for more details. 

Q: What happens if I book a class and miss it?

A: You may reschedule for the same class on a different date. 

Q: What kind of safety gear do you offer for each class? Is it rated for the required level of protection?

A: Required safety gear (PPE) can be purchased for each class on the class listing. We do not provide cheap "no name" questionable PPE and mark it up to make money on. We offer ANSI and EN rated protective equipment for our classes. We also prefer to offer the name brands in most cases since they are tried, tested and proven.  

Q: Can I have a discount?

A: There are a few ways to receive a discount: 1) Return for a class to receive a 10% off code. 2) If you are active duty, retired, or a veteran, we will show our appreciation with 10% discount (valid proof is required). 3) Book every class available for the month for a very large discount.

Q: Are private individual or group lessons available?

A: YES! We can create or provide a lesson on virtually any industry topic or practice that we have experience with. You can take a one-on-one class with one of our instructors or get a group of enthusiasts together (such as friends or colleagues) for a class. Please contact usfor pricing and availability.

Q: Do you ever have guest speakers or instructors? How can I become one?

A: If you are interested in being a guest speaker or instructor for a class, please contact us. We do plan to have guests for specific classes in the future. 


Who can use Find a Fabricator?

Anyone! Anyone can use Find a Fabricator™ on any platform it is visible on in any country, anywhere in the entire world. 

How much does Find a Fabricator cost?

Find a Fabricator™ is 100% completely free to search and find an individual or business offering the services you need. We do not collect any money for searching, nor does the individual or business. 

To list your services or business on Find a Fabricator™, it's just $19.99 a month, or $199.99 per year.

Who can list their services on Find a Fabricator?

Anyone! It doesn't matter if you only do one thing or a hundred things. If you can offer a service to someone in your area, you can list. People searching through Find a Fabricator™ are looking for everything from the cheapest service, to availability, to specialty. This means that anyone working from their own garage to full shops can be found. 

Do I need to list my address if I work from home?

No. We understand that publicly posting your home address for anyone to see may not be desirable. Your address must be filled out on your registration form, but you can chose to leave it off of the search results. People searching will find your listing by zip or postal code and major corss streets will be shown. If you own a business, you are required to list your physical address (you really want to anyway). 

I own a business but it is based from home or online only. Do I need to list my address?

No. You are only required to list your address if you are a business with a physical "Brick and Mortar" location. 

Does Find a Fabricator resolve disputes between service providers and users?

No. Find a Fabricator™ is only a directory service. Users of Find a Fabricator™ must settle any disputes with the individual or business they chose to use. We are not responsible for any issues you may encounter by using our directory or locator service.

How do I pay to use Find a Fabricator?

We accept payment through in app subscription purchases which are automatically billed monthly.

How long does it take for my listing to appear on Find a Fabricator?

App Directory listings appear instantly. Website directory listings can take up to 72 hours. 

Can I cancel my account?

Yes. Since billing is month to month, you may cancel any time you wish. Your listing will remain in the directory by default until the last day of your monthly billing cycle unless you request to have it removed before hand. 

How is pricing arranged for multiple locations?

Each additional location is an additional $19.99 per month, or $199.99 per year.

If I workout of my house now and move into a physical shop later, do I have to update my plan?

Congratulations on your step up!

You only need to modify your plan if you intend to add the physical shop as a second location. If you are relocating, you do not need to change your plan. 

What makes Find a Fabricator better than other services?

Find a Fabricator™ was developed by professional Fabricators with everyone in mind. Our directory is based on the location of the user and the services they require. That means if you are the closest service provider, your name shows up on the list! Find a Fabricator™ is designed for anyone offering up any kind of fabrication service. This means if a user needs a piece of stainless steel TIG welded on a Sunday night when typical shops are closed, and you are offering the service at that time, you get the job if the user chooses you! 

How do users contact me after being found in the directory?

You (the service provider) will add your contact information. This can be a phone number, email, website or social media account. Remember, your best method of contact is the one you want to have listed especially if you provide services past typical hours. 

Does Find a Fabricator offer any kind of contact methods for a service provider not answering inquiries? 

No. We do not contact service providers for you. However, if a service provider has listed dead links or phone numbers, we can reach out to them but we will NOT provide any type of contact method that is not listed in the directory. 

What i the difference between "Users" and "Service Providers"?

Users are those who are seeking a service in the Find a Fabricator™ directory. 

Service Providers are individuals or business listed in the Find a Fabricator™ directory. 

What is the difference between a home address and business address?

A Home address is the location of your home based business, or location you work out of.

A Business address is a public location that you own, manage, or work out of.

Home based addresses can be left off of the Find a Fabricator™ directory. Your major cross streets, postal code, or simply town/city/state/province can be displayed..It is best to keep in mind that the closer to your actual location that you list is better for the user to find you. 

 Business adresses require a physical address (you ideally want your business address displayed anyway).

What is meant by a "Service"?

A service is any single category you or your business offers which will be listed in the Find a Fabricator™ directory. Any single service, or specific service (such as TIG welding) will be listed as a single service. Specialty services (such as TIG welding titanium) will count as two services (TIG welding and TIG welding titanium). The individual services help us narrow down the search results and find the perfect match for the services YOU offer and the person needing specific services. 

What makes Find a Fabricator better than general searches?

Find a Fabricator™ was built by professional fabricators with fabrication services in mind. Any level Fabricator, or individual with specific skills can be found by the user (the person searching the directory) easily without all the hassles of calling and searching around through website after website for the one thing the user needs. 

Simply put, forget recommendations. Forget regular search engines and hours of asking. Forget waiting. Find a Fabricator™ pairs up the job with the closest person or business to get it done whenever they're available!

Can Find a Fabricator add a special service specific to what I offer?

Yup! Just let us know what your specific service is and we will make sure it appears in the directory. 

We are always looking to add services and providers. Even if your service is less than typical, we can still add it!

When is my billing period?

Your billing period begins 14 days from the date you sign up to list in the directory.

How are additional services or locations billed?

We manually enter locations and billing amounts for each listing on Find a Fabricator™. This allows us to provide the most accurate listings and correct billing information. We will have your additional services adjusted on your monthly billing cycle before your billing cycle begins. 

Can is change my services any time?

Yes. All you have to do is add or remove a service from your account in the "Update Listing" menu found in the directory.

Can I share Find a Fabricator Directory on my website?

Of course! We want to ensure everyone can find the directory and use it. However, we do require each website be confirmed and we require you to use our specific code with our directory. Please contact us for more info and requirements. There is no charge to add our directory to your website.

How do I get featured on Find a Fabricator Instagram or Facebook accounts?

Just tag us! We feature all new users and routinely update to keep our followers up to date. 

What is the best contact method(s) to display in the Find a Fabricator directory?

A phone number is usually the quickest and first contact method. Social medial accounts are a very close second. If you are paying for an individual plan, and do not want to list your personal phone number, it is recommended you purchase an inexpensive monthly "burner" phone for text messages and phone calls which you can dedicate to your business. This will increase the likeliness of a user coming to you. 

As an individual home based service provider, how do I stand a chance against businesses?

FAST RESPONSE! Being the first one to respond will usually win the job. Some users have specific needs which not everyone can fulfill. Being the first on the list, and first to respond dramatically increases your chances of getting the job done and paid.

The best advice we can offer for an individual is to be the first and be available any time. Business owners have put their time in doing the same thing. If you are able to offer the same service (or even better service) at whenever the user contacts you, you'll likely grow and expand quickly. 

How is pricing configured between the User and Service Provider?

Find a Fabricator™ does not control pricing between the User and Service Provider. The Service Provider offers their pricing to the user and the user decides whether or not they want to pay for the service. Find a Fabricator™ has no control over pricing for services. However, some service providers offer discounts for mentioning Find a Fabricator™, so be sure to ask!